ITB Bookstore

In 1920, Technische Hogeschool (TH) was established in Bandung. In the present days now it is named Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) or Bandung Insitute of Technology or Institute of Technology Bandung. ITB Bookstore is an official digital bookstore that managed by ITB Publishing (Penerbit ITB Bandung), Bandung, Indonesia, cooperation with Buqu, a leading platform & ecosystem of digital publishing, bookstore & book. ITB Bookstore comprises hundreds quality books focusing on technology, engineering, science, and from many other popular genres. As a book lover you'll find in your hand a versatile book reader application to fullfil all your reading needs as well as comprehensive collection of books in our bookstore. Excellence of ITB Bookstore with Buqu platform are: - Users can purchase and download thousand ebooks from university and general publishers. - Users can download free pages of an ebook before deciding to buy that book. - Users simply buy an ebook and can read their book anytime in their bookshelf. - Users can directly read a book per page after buying without waiting download process be finished. - Users do not have to worry about downloading activity which is suddenly interrupted, the application will automatically resume download process without starting again from beginning (resume-able download technology). - Users can use their account to download and save the same book in three different devices (tablet, personal computer or smartphone). - Users can choose whether to buy an ebook in full or partial (for selected books only). - All-in-one! Unlike most similar applications, ITB Bookstore with Buqu platform has a look, presentation manner, simple activity process & easy to understand, and all can be done in one application. Start from registration, top-up, look for a book, downloading and read books, all in one application only!. Bookstore contact: Website: Email: