Discover, listen to, and download unlimited free music from independent talents worldwide. Search through thousands of tracks and albums of all genres and styles, create your playlists on the fly, download any songs you like. Jamendizer lets you access Jamendo's large database of fantastic, original, 100% legal music published under Creative Commons Licenses.


  • Just tap on any song to start listening to the playlist
  • Generate playlists through search ! by genre, search phrase, random ...
  • Music plays in background while you multitask
  • Download songs in background while listening to more music
  • Cool playlist page lets you select or flip through songs
  • Favorite a song, pin a song to the start menu, share a song...
  • See top 10 tracks, albums or playlists, or get random lists
  • Never run out of music! Some really great artists to discover

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1 April 2013

please tell me how to delete this app


15 January 2013

Love it new original sounds, easy to create playlists in a click or 2


26 December 2012

worst app ever I cant even delete it from my computer


6 October 2012

Great app. Some good songs too.


3 October 2012

Ties in nicely to the Jamendo site and I like the ability to select a genre and have it play and play from there. Background play is also appreciated.