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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    03/02/2014 - Minor bugfixes - Single support 01/21/2014 - Add downloaded tracks and albums to Windows MyMusic library. - Playlists managed from Jamendo website can be played 01/07/2013 - Fix bug with Add to My Music - Better content managment with big screen and portrait mode 12/23/2013: - Optimize loading time response. - Add french, spanish, italian, german and polish translation. 12/17/2013: Beta release of the official Jamendo Application for Windows 8.1


The goal of Jamendo is to give all music lovers the best experience possible with free music. The site offers a catalog of more than 400,000 tracks by 30,000 independent artists that anybody can stream, download and share freely and legally. The Windows 8 app brings you the smoothest browsing experience of Jamendo to date: discover our news and artist features, play our Top Charts playlists and sign into your Jamendo account to retrieve all your favorites.


  • Listen to more than 400,000 tracks by the 30,000 Jamendo independent artists
  • Sign in with your Jamendo account and retrieve all your Jamendo music
  • Add and save your favorite tracks, albums and artists to your Jamendo personal library
  • Discover new content throught our charts, feeds, radios and search engine
  • Download tracks and albums for free
  • Play your favorites playlists from Jamendo's website

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11 May 2014

Need this app update for sign in with Facebook account.


25 April 2014

The aesthetics of this app are fantastic. It is fast, fluid, and looks gorgeous. However, there are a few usability issues that need to be addressed. First, you can't choose where the Jamendo music downloads to (it defaults to your "default" Music library location), and secondly, you can't click on links in the text fields that the artists sometimes put up.


12 April 2014

I was really looking forward to using this app, when I installed it, I followed all the required steps, set up an account, verified it, etc, etc. When my password didn't work, I sent a change password to my email, and the link didn't even work. Completely worthless, unless the app just doesn't like me.


6 January 2014

This app has a very smooth interface and plenty of great music - only downside is that there are no album downloading options... would be cool to have the albums automatically downloaded into your music folder!


20 December 2013

Great app for Windows 8. Love free music.


19 December 2013

Love all the music!