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Konnichiwa! Japan Free Pokies is the most realistic slots simulation to have come from the land that gave us anime, manga, and the coolest technology the world has ever seen. Relish the slot machine made in the spirit of Japanese design, but do not forget to say ARIGATO GOZAIMASU! This game will take you right into the heart of the world’s largest city Tokyo where sushi is on the menu everyday and where martial arts skills are still valued. Meet the geishas and samurai gentlemen as they join you for the most exciting, thrilling, awesome, kawai game of gambling. This game is for everyone who loves anything Japanese. It is HD, the sounds are realistic, and the scatter symbols are a throwback from the world’s most exotic place. Touch down on the land of strange where even writing is an art and play the most exciting games of pokies ever. You may have come across other Japan-themed slot games, but never ever has something this good touched the Windows Store. Let’s start gambling and winning. Features — 10,000 coins to start out with. — Leaderboard — News coming being added each week — HD graphics — Runs equally well on all Windows devices — Five-reel game — Animated scatter symbols Download Japan Free Pokies now and win big prizes. Other otakus and hikikomoris think that we are: • Kawai! Need I add more? • Arigatoo! ^_^ ! That is how glad I am. • Samurais play hard! It is real deal. You feel like in a Japanese casino. • Greatest quality sounds ever! • Wins, wins, and wins! Tournaments that make you an addict in no time. NOTE Japan Free Pokies is a free slots simulation for Windows. You can download it and play it for as long as you want. And if you need more coins, you can always win them or purchase them through our online store. The coins are available for as less as $1.99.


  • Exciting Multislot Adventure
  • Different Bonus Games and Surprises
  • Exciting Mini Games
  • Free coins to get on your jorney
  • Easy to play and control

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26 January 2016

It started out has a fun game. Then it start resetting itself back to level 1. a few times. These problems are in all your games. I will not have this game on my computer