Jewel Breaker

Can you beat your high score? Jewel breaker is a simple but addicting game. Click on a group of jewels with the same color to diminish them. The more jewels you remove at one click, the high score you get. And you need to hurry up, 1 second in the game will cost you 1 point. Enjoy it!


  • Simple and addicting

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16 January 2016

Get it down if not you will get a low score.


21 August 2015

I would love to comment but don't now what to say


5 October 2014

Touches are not registering in right locations.


6 August 2014

It looks like the score is exponentially based on how many jewels are connected when you click. It is 2^(N-1) where N is the number of jewels. Furthermore it looks like a 32 bit signed variable is being used to hold the score. Why do I say this? Because when we had a large number of jewels (around 32), the score went to -2147483648 which is 0x8000000 which means the signed number overflowed into the sign bit.


14 August 2013

I enjoy the game but unfortunately it freezes much to often and the only way to return to play is to restart the computer. Hope they fix this problem because I cannot play it anymore, too frustrating.


20 April 2013