Jezzball Galaxy

Remember the classic computer game Jezzball? Now you can play it again! Jezzball Galaxy incorporates all the classic gameplay elements you remember, with modern graphics and fun game variations. Swipe your finger or click the mouse to isolate balls. Capture more than 75% of the game play area to win each level. Play just as easily with your mouse as with your fingers on any touch device, including the Microsoft Surface.


  • Classic Jezzball gameplay
  • Three gameplay modes: Classic, Galaxy, Keep it Going
  • Three difficulty settings
  • Global highscore leaderboard
  • Statistics to track your success

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27 August 2016



8 June 2016

problem balls freeze continually,


9 May 2016

first time for me to get this .


23 January 2016

great app


3 January 2016

Love the game, but you need to read the reviews and figure out why it freezes when the adds pop up. Fix that and you could get 5 stars.


5 August 2015

Kept freezing and couldn't play, so I gave it one star. Then I let it load and walked away to see if that worked, and I was actually able to play. Not ideal, but it at least worked. 2 stars. Will be interesting to see if it works next time, and faster. Might get another star (to 3). Update: In the time it took to write my updated review, it froze and will not work at all. The area that I push updates, but everything around it is still the frozen picture. Definitely has issues. Really wanted to like this game and give it a chance, but I'm wasting my time with it instead.


4 August 2015

The Game is great when you can play it. The adds keep freezing the game to where I cant play it but for like 2 seconds please fix or the reviews will have less stars than what was given


2 August 2015

Really thought I had found one of my old favorites. When it first starts, it brings the screen up from the bottom....BUT....there's a stupid advertisement at the top of the screen that will NOT left the game come up! After trying for 10 minutes.....I gave up and uninstalled it!


1 August 2015

I once liked this game. Hadn't played it in awhile. Started it up tonight and found that it had been updated with the Advertising module. Unfortunately, the ad module freezes the game board graphics while allowing play to go on, rendering the game useless.


21 June 2015

All you had to do was recompile for x64; instead you spent effort making an ugly game that cannot be played due to your ads.

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