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    We have integrated with Peecho.com to allow hassle-free printing! Lots of bug fixes! Password protect your journals to ensure privacy We remove ads


Take your diary to the next level. It’s the App you’ve always wanted and now it’s here. Be one of the first to get your hands on this new and exciting offering from LifeScribe!


  • manage pictures and video seamlessly in one Journal app.
  • Fun and easy to use with drag-n-drop functionality
  • Innovative design with customizable book themes and environments
  • Helpful advice from world-renowned life coaches to get you through the day and assist you on your journey to self-discovery and personal growth
  • Share pictures and video from other apps
  • Print out your book at any shop

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19 October 2015

I had a little trouble figuring out how to make the top tool bar appear, and how to delete the tutorial. I still haven't figured out how to replace the tabs that disappeared when I did that. I don't see an "add tab" option. I wish there were other colors for the text, too, but at least I have some options. Very nice app, considering it's free. So far, everything has stayed saved, and I haven't lost anything, and it's working well for what I'm using it for.


12 October 2015

I love this diary.....but it takes money from u to apply some more themes and backgrounds.....pls make them free...pls...pls...pls and also make it available for windows phone too....this is a humble request...


30 August 2015

...BUT editing text (B, I, U, etc) is such a pain that I usually end up just turning it off and giving up. Also when moving the txt windows, it expands and contracts making it hard to line up txt! I end up spending way too much time on these issues, honestly I'd rather just write it.


14 August 2015

Been using for a while,,Have not encountered any of the problems others seem to report..I have tried other journals but if this one holds up it is by far the best


18 March 2015

any one can access..no authorized protection..


25 February 2015

I enjoyed this app in the beginning. Has great functionality and options but after using it for a few weeks adds started popping up on the page that sit right on top of the next page button. You have to sit and wait for the adds to disappear in order to move to a different page because there is no minimize or close button on the adds. Very annoying.......


13 February 2015

This is a great journaling app. This is the best "diary" app I have found. (and I've gone through TONS of apps) Though you do have to buy other themes, you can protect it with a password! You can even add videos, music, and picture files! This app might also be good for scrapbooking! Overall a great app. 99% satisfied. <3


3 January 2015

I use this app for my daughters, I have three and they all love putting new things in their Mommy and me books.... I will add more stars when you add more Color options for the text in the books


29 December 2014

it is very uncomfortable to type on this app. Everywhere you touch it you get a text box that has to be resized. And it is harder still to input a new chapter. Also the instructions on how to use the app are not clear.


17 October 2014

This sucks! How do you take the instructions? I hate it

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