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    Fixed a potential crash on app startup

KAYAK Flights & Hotels

KAYAK helps you find the right flight or perfect hotel for your trip. You can compare hundreds of travel sites on your Windows 8 PC or Tablet.


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5 August 2015

everytime I try and use it it doesn't work


22 July 2015

I installed on 2 Windows 8.1 machines. The app errors out stating it is having connectivity issues. If the app is this broken, please remove from MS Store and don't list as having on your site. I tested with Windows 10 as well - same error.


16 July 2015

This app doesn't connect. Every time I open it, it says "This app is having issues connecting". I downloaded it so I wouldn't have to open up the website... but nope.


6 July 2015

I love this app on the android and apple markets, but it seems to be inoperable on the windows market. I am highly disappointed with the windows version!


5 July 2015

Has this app been abandoned. It no longer works and will not start up properly. Have reinstalled several times


7 June 2015

This app is a travesty! I can't even get in to the app because it keeps saying that there is a connection error. I will reinstall to see if it works a second time. If not, it will be banished from all of my PC'S.


21 May 2015

Installed twice. Still cannot connect.


17 April 2015

4/16/2015....Love kayak. Suddenly the app won't launch. What's up? ..............previous review There are a bunch of things to love about Kayak. First, it's optimized for touch screens. I look at a lot of options before I book my travel. Kayak helps me find the best price and time combination. In a browser this is a lot of clicking and back and forth. On a touch screen this is so much easier. Also, I often like to book my flights directly with the airline. Sometimes when there is a problem like a flight that gets cancelled, the airlines are less helpful is you booked through someone else. Kayak tells you how much they can save you, Priceline can save you and how much it costs to go direct to the airline. I usually go direct to the airline and pay a little extra. Kayak makes that easy and all of my information is loaded into the airlines site. Super easy. Love it. Thanks Kayak!


24 March 2015

As some reviewers have commented the app is lacking the richer features found on the website... but it's pretty good for the basics and quick searches. Would love to see an update!


24 February 2015

Can't access your own Kayak acct

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