Kitchen Timer FREE

The most reliable, feature rich kitchen timer available for Windows 8! Our timer will have you cooking in no time, featuring both traditional touch dial and digital button inputs. With a loud ring, ticking on/off controls, and notifications if you move on to other work, this is an app you will use all the "time"! Great for cooking, chores, study reminders, and more!


  • Fun touch-to-turn dial
  • Easy quick set digital buttons for accurate timing
  • LOUD ring!
  • Ticking on/off controls
  • Notification service if the timer is sent to the background or closed while you do other work
  • Big, easy-to-read number display

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25 March 2015

Does what it says it will do, works just fine


18 September 2014

Can't time for more than one hour, and it does not run in the background. Unacceptable, I do use it all the time, but if they fixed those 2 things I could rely on it with the tablet asleep. It's a shame that MIcrosoft seems to be the only one that implements the good features like ability to work under sleep mode.


21 January 2014

It does what it's supposed to, what more can you ask for?


28 November 2013

The old style dial and the ticking is just great


26 November 2013

The sound does not go with the clock tick.


16 March 2013

works great. no problems with it at all. good program.


26 February 2013

Excesivamente simplista, un sólo tono de alarma que dura un instante. No suena la mayoría de las veces. Una lástima


28 January 2013

Nice loud audible ring when preset time expires.


2 November 2012

Ran right past 0, no alarm, started over at 60 minutes.


7 October 2012

Setting the timer is hard. As soon as you press the + to set the minutes, it immediately starts counting down. It needs to let you set the time, then hit a button to start counting down. The alerting isn't very good. It chimes, presents a toast on the screen, then falls silent and starts counting down from 1 hour. If you happen to be out of the room and miss the chime and toast, dinner burns. It needs to keep chiming until I stop it.

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