Kitty Cat Paw Doctor

Welcome to the Kitty Cat Paw Doctor clinic, the best of the pet vet doctor’s hospital in the crazy pet town. Today in the doctor’s office the doctor pets is going to treat all the Kitty Cats as they rush into the clinic with paw injuries. Want to lend a hand to your favorite pet vet doctor? In this fun filled pet adventure, just bring your kitty cat pets to the doctor pets, examine closely and perform different medical care activities to revive the health of your pet cats. Just to make the best of your Cat doctor experience, the paw doctor’s clinic is well equipped with the top notch treatment equipment’s like in any other pet games. Kitty Cat Paw Doctor is all set to give all the pet lovers a joyous ride of a pet doctor games.


  • Easy tap and drag pet doctor injection games
  • Kid’s friendly content for Pet paw doctor
  • Choose which cat to treat first
  • Use injection simulator for pets doctor games injection procedure
  • Enjoy interactive procedures with a wide variety of tools
  • Cool Background music and High-Definition graphics
  • Kitty Cat Paw Doctor games suitable for the whole family