Ladybug Jigsaw Puzzle

Traditional jigsaw puzzle optimized for Windows 8, having all the benefits of a boxed jigsaw and none of the drawbacks, such as lost pieces and disturbed puzzles. Containing three individual puzzles of the same image, 35 large pieces, 91 medium pieces or 220 small pieces there is a level suitable for everyone, so all the family can join in the fun. The attractive picture of a Ladybug itself provides a challenging puzzle, which can be made even more challenging by choosing the rotate feature - this randomly rotates the pieces during the initial shuffle. If you have problems starting, you may wish to use the "straight ends" only option which will display only the picture edges. The puzzle is dynamically saved and will return you to where you left off, and you can also save the status of the puzzle, and have the ability to have more than one copy of the jigsaw in play enabling other persons to participate. Once pieces are placed in their correct location, they are locked against accidental movement. Hours of fun for all the family.


  • 3 levels of puzzle
  • Pieces can be made to rotate randomly for a more challenging puzzle
  • Pieces lock into place when located correctly
  • Save puzzles and restore later
  • Choose background colour
  • Check progress screen

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27 February 2013

Even though this puzzle is only a $1.49, don't waste your time or money. Even in the 220 tile play, this game is boxed in a quarter part of the screen and does not allow full screen access. the tiles that are supposed to be locked down unless you move them far, move so easily that it becomes another frustration with the game.