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    v1.80 - Bubble show added - learn in relaxed way between games.. v1.70 - Brand new game!


JBUBBLES is a simple action game with advanced learning features that help you memorize japanese characters. You don't have to know japanese to get started, whether you just want to be able to read a menu or learn hundreds of characters, JBUBBLES will help you! The action game format sharpens your focus, you don't have to sit down and memorize things but you learn naturally while playing. In addition to the game play, JBUBBLES supports your learning by analyzing your results and offering customized levels tailored just for you. In short, JBUBBLES makes learning japanese efficient and fun. You can also compete against your friends and other players through global high scores. Can you get your country to HALL OF FAME?? FEATURES *Kanji, Hiragana & Katakana characters *come back to characters you have learned earlier, or to one's that have been difficult *play by level or randomly *play on all your devices (tablet/ipad, pc, other phones) – once you register, your progress is synced automatically * share your progress on in social media * large vocabulary


  • Kanji, Hiragana & Katakana characters
  • Learn by playing, not just by memorizing

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15 April 2016

I am using another app to learn kana and kanji, but this game helps drill what I've already learned. My skills in reading have greatly improved thanks to this.


25 August 2015

Easy to do.


23 August 2015

I think that this game is awesome and it's about taki that you learn, jk, Idk if I used that word right but i'm learning, and that's a good thing /.D, I really like this game and I think that you would like it to, it's really helping me learn new words


9 August 2015

I like Japanese with Jbubbles! It's a great way to learn new vocab and kanji! :-)


19 July 2015

It works, but i cant believe the model they have. After abaut 10 minutes im already at the end of the demo. Meanwhile i had a giagantic ad bar on my screen! Really!? Also, puting this under "free" category? And teaching only one on' reading and not even the most common one?! If you have a windows phone, look up tangomaster. If you have win8 try slime forest adventure. Both free and excelent.


8 July 2015

I love the various levels of difficulty and the scoreboard. Great game! I can finally learn like 300 kanji AND Katayama and hiragana


29 June 2015

I am learning that this is not as hard as I( thought. Because Japanese uses ideographs instead of characters, you have to use configuration clues as your method of analysis. Look for key characteristics of each symbol.


23 June 2015

Must show the bubbles in phrases or sentences. Also, I think part of learning Japanese must have some writing involved. Adding another part to jbubbles to learn how to write would make it complete.


16 June 2015

I'm very new to Japanese. Having the characters and pronunciation together are nice; however, it would be great if they would group the characters you're learning by category. Quizzes that test overall knowledge as well as just the last four words/characters used would be great, too.


22 May 2015

So far, it's helpful and fun. I wouldn't mind recommending it if you're starting out.

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