Learn Sheet Music!!

Music notation is the representation of sound with symbols, from basic notations for pitch, duration, and timing, timbre, and even special effects. Learning how to read sheet music is essential if you want to play a musical instrument or sing. Sure, it may seem intimidating at first, but look at it this way:Music is simply a language And if you learned to read English, you can learn how to read sheet music too!!! In fact, the basics are quick and easy to pick up! This App helps you learn the basics of Sheet Music which Includes : .)The basic nomenclature and structure. .)Learning and Identifying the whole notes based on their position on the staff. Given regular practice,You will find significant improvement in your sight reading skills. The App lets you practice Sight reading on the Treble Clef and The Bass Clef saperately. It is set in the form of a Skill-Test ,where you have a score board,with score,missed notes , hints taken etc. A random note on the Staff is generated randomly which stays on the screen for specified number of seconds(Set by the level in the options menu). Correct answers get you a score and a wrong one increases your missed count,so does a missed chance. Once you reach a missed count of 7(the most powerful magical number ;) ) , your Skill-Test ends. You have the freedom of choosing the Level( i.e the Speed ) of the Test and the Range of the notes. A Note: Practice makes a man perfect.So make sure you spend atleast 15 minutes practising Sight reading every day :) .

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14 February 2014

Worst app I've ever encountered. It must have been made by 3rd graders for a school project.


20 December 2013



30 September 2013

very useful and handy :)


22 August 2013

Just saw the profile of the Dev and it seems that he/she is a first timer. The app is rough around the edges but accomplishes the basic task. I'm removing a star because its really annoying to wait 3-5 seconds when I click the back button to actually go back to the main screen. On the whole, good job! Looking to see more features in the future!