Learning Windows* 8.1

Multi-taskers be warned, Windows 8.1 might frustrate, before it fascinates! This free app is designed to leap you past the discomfort and into delight. Great for educators and students, the Intel® Education Learning Windows 8.1 app can help you find time-tested friends like the Desktop, charms, live tiles, and an option to power down to get your through airport security and onto your destination.


  • Learn about the new Start screen
  • Personalization
  • All apps at one swipe/click
  • Start button is back
  • Search Everywhere
  • App store in the new look
  • Downloading apps from the Windows Store
  • Using the Task Manager
  • PC settings and the Control Panel
  • Locating standards like File Explorer and Search
  • Using new apps like Reading List and Skype in the classroom
  • New photo-editing tools in camera app
  • Saving images and documents to the cloud with new SkyDrive app
  • How to access your Printer
  • Password protection and Productivity tools
  • Using the touchscreen
  • Improved Snap view
  • And much, much more!

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17 April 2015

Tells you everything about Windows 8.1 including all the build-in Apps. Easy to Understand. Should be Included on All Windows 8.1 Installation.