LockIt is a secure and simple way to store your passwords and secret information. It uses strong cryptography to secure your data and keep hackers out. LockIt can store passwords, credit cards, bank account information, software keys and sync this information across all your Windows 8 PCs. Shortcut Keys Ctrl+E - Edit current item Ctrl+N - Add a new item Ctrl+S - Save changes Ctrl+(back arrow) - Go to previous page Help & Support Please check our help section at http://rnglabs.com/lockit/help.html if you have any issues. If you still need help please contact us at support@rnglabs.com Privacy Policy Please view our policy at http://rnglabs.com/privacy.php


  • Automatically syncs data between other Windows 8 PCs
  • Import your data from other popular password managers such as 1Password, LastPass, KeePass and eWallet
  • Automatically fills in your passwords so browsing the web is easy!
  • Auto-copy a specific field of your choice immediately when you click an item
  • Export your data to a CSV file in case you want to import it into another password manager
  • Auto locks after 2 minutes of idle time
  • Supports search so that you can find your passwords quickly

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25 June 2015

sayvisal 11@gmail


5 April 2015

Some how when I tried to sign in to Lock It my password no longer worked. Now I have lost all of my sign in info for all of my accounts. what up with this. some one please HELP..


15 December 2014

I have to put in my information on every pc that this app is installed on. Otherwise it would be a really great app.


29 May 2014



12 April 2014

I've been using this app for over six months and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Really a good concept, but too frustrating to recommend. Every time I try to add a password, it crashes. When I reopen it, there's a new place to put the password (item), but when I try to edit it, again it crashes. Wish I could get it to work.


24 March 2014



7 January 2014

I spent 4 hours putting all my information in this app and then it crashes. It will not even let me back on to save and reinstall it says my master password is incorrect . Don't download this app!!!!!


22 December 2013

It kept closing out.


18 December 2013

Great app with 8 different categories to help arrange your passwords. Only problem I have is I can't add anything under the Web Passwords and I also can't edit anything under it, if its there it can only be deleted. I tried adding another one then editing it but it just crashes and goes to start screen. Pretty much useless. -edit- other reviews give it 5 stars so I'm guessing this app isn't compatible with all devices. Using it on a brand new dell tablet... not compatible...


15 November 2013

Easy to use, Cool design,

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