Madefire Motion Books is a free app that delivers the most innovative reading experience for mobile devices as it pioneers the next chapter in storytelling. In its purest form – the Madefire app is a free comic book reader that takes digital comics and cartoons a step further than traditional static images with the new format called Motion Books. Motion Books immerse the reader in an interactive experience with sound, motion, and depth. Madefire is optimized for Windows 10, and features Cortana integration, Continuum support, and live tiles. • Experience your favorite superheroes Batman, Injustice, the DC Universe, Hellboy, Star Trek, My Little Pony and Transformers like never before. With top publishers like DC Comics, IDW, Dark Horse, Top Cow joining the Motion Book library, your favorite classics as well as new day and date releases are available now and updated weekly. • All new characters and stories are available exclusively on Madefire with the download of the free app. What have been coined “myths of the 21st century”, these featured original titles from Madefire have been forged by comic book legends – including Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Carey and Liam Sharp. • Immerse yourself in new worlds, 360 panoramic views, music, sound effects and motion transport you deep into story worlds. You control the pace at which stories unfold on-screen. • Experience digital-first stories created to take full advantage of the power of Window’s devices - Not scanned-in print episodes. Madefire and its catalogue of Motion Books currently feature a wide selection of free comics, popular day and date releases, horror comics, Manga, kids comics and many more with the catalogue growing by the week. Regardless what you are in to - there is a Motion Book for you! Download the free app and find out why it’s not just reading – it’s the future of digital storytelling on Madefire.


  • comics
  • motion
  • sound
  • animation
  • interactivity
  • gyro
  • accelerometer
  • storytelling

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27 June 2016

me like Madefire ok


11 June 2016

A lot of comics to chose from.


8 February 2016

When I select a book, it opens for me to download it, but the app closes before I get to do so.


20 November 2015

the app crashes often do not get this app.


27 July 2015

I usually have no trouble with the first issue of a Title, but when I download a second of the same Title, then click to open it, the app closes and returns to my start screen. Sometimes, when clicking to access something from the main menu, I am taken to the "turning pages" wait screen and remain there until I return to the start screen manually. I also have one purchase with the download bar stuck on "completed" and it will not progress to "remove/read" stage.


2 July 2015

loved it great idea one of my favorite apps now


28 May 2015

made fire is like the greatest of all


26 May 2015

I like this because this show me things I never seen before .


13 May 2015

Excellent availability of comics and graphic novels. Fantastic usability. Well done.


6 May 2015

I finally get to read some good comics

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