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  • Category: Games / Adventure
  • Published by: Madogiwa-3m ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English and 2 other languages ?
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    Release Note: [v1.1.0.1] Fix the message about color of toy bird's hat.

Madogiwa Escape No.016

Escape from the drawing room! Madogiwa Escape is a series of adventure game categorized to "room escape game". Main operation of it is click (or tap) only, so everyone can play it easily! --- How to play --- When you start the application, the title image is displayed in the left [in case of portrait mode: upper] area (named "Main View"). Click Main View to start the game. Then, the situation of the room is displayed in Main View. The goal of the game is to escape from the room. Notice: The ending of the game is only one. By click various portions of Main View, various actions, such as investigating the state in the room, approaching to a object, acquiring an item, opening a door, pushing a switch, and so on, may be able to be performed. Especially, if the following area is displayed in Main View, you can execute the action: - Upper rectangle area : climb up, look upward, go forward, etc. - Lower rectangle area : climb down, look downward, go backward, etc. - Left rectangle area : move left, turn left, etc. - Right rectangle area : move right, turn right, etc. Some of items in the room can be acquired. If you acquire an item, the item is added to right-upper [in case of portrait mode: middle] area (named "Item View"). If you click an item in Item View, you can switch the status of it between selected and unselected. While selecting an item, it is surrounded by a bold line rectangle. The item may be able to be used by click Main View, keeping it selected. (For example, a door may be opened if the selected key is matched.) If you double-click an item in Item View, you can display it in Main View. By clicking an item in Main View, various action, such as investigating the state of it, transforming it, and so on, may be able to performed. While displaying an item in Main View, you can select another item. Furthermore, in the situation, it may be able to be used by click Main View. (For example, two items may be able to be compounded.) If you click the right-upper cross-line area, you can finish displaying the item in Main View, and return to displaying the situation of the room. Notice: While displaying an item in Main View, you cannot move in the room. Notice: You cannot display two or more items simultaneously in Main View. --- Functions --- - [Save to File ...] button : Save current status to file. - [Load from File ...] button : Load status from file. - [Restart ...] button : Restart the game in initial status (Notice: Current status will be erased). - [BGM] controls : Control background music of the game. - [ALARM] controls : Control alarm(sound effect) of the game. - [Privacy Policy] menu in the setting charm : Reference to privacy policy of the game. - [Thanks To] menu in the setting charm : Reference to information about materials used in the game. - [Help] menu in the setting charm : Reference to help of the game.


  • room escape game
  • point and click
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21 November 2014

These games are logical & challenging, and fun! But I occasionally get stuck. Anyone willing to do some walkthroughs?


7 August 2014

As soon as I solve one of these, I want another. A very welcome change from most other games, in part because it feels more adult-/less kid-targeted (no explosions, no vampires or animals, no chasing anything). One very minor quibble: the correct name for the hat color is magenta (red+blue), not cyan (which is blue+green). This does not interfere with solving the puzzle.