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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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    Add support for taking notes using OneNote ======================================= Add Compact Mode for watchlist page Add "Find in list" button to manga title page ========================================== Homepage UX streamlined, and more UX fixes Background watchlist updating fix Searches are faster now ========================================== Add support for orientation lock in pageview ========================================== Minor UX updates ========================================== Make it easier to swipe with one finger ========================================== make it easier to multiselect chapters in manga page ========================================== Ability to import/export the watchlist from the options page ========================================== Allow user to open latest issue from watchlist page

manga Jolt!

Free manga comics in English out on the Internet are right at your fingertips, readable ONLINE and OFFLINE! This app hooks you up to English-translated manga, with watchlist support! Reach the developer with bugs at support@lindybeat.com Download Manga from: Mangareader.net, MangaEden, Batoto, Mangapark, KissManga, and Mangahere.com (with more coming for future releases)! Plus if you have your own collection of cbr and cbz comics, you can read them with this app. The UI is beautiful, fun, and intuitive! Check out the screenshots to see some of the features!


  • Watchlist updates in the background!
  • Access thousands of manga comics on the Internet
  • Download manager to save files to read - Background download support - do other things while your manga is coming down
  • CBR and CBZ reader (as well as zip/rar directly)
  • Optionally you can read from right-to-left for Japanese-style manga
  • Dual page view support
  • See a filmstrip of every page in your comic with "semantic zoom"
  • Works well with touchscreen or keyboard/mouse interaction
  • Live Tiles so you know what you're currently reading
  • Pin comics, folders, or manga sites to your Start Screen
  • Share comic pages with friends
  • Saves your spot per comic, and you can easily jump to comics in recent history
  • Search through your library - just by typing from the main page
  • Hotkey friendly
  • Load cbr and cbz files from File Explorer
  • Developer open to feedback and feature requests

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1 July 2015

Used manga readers on iOS and Android for years, but only recently tried Windows. Upon getting a new system, I downloaded all the manga readers in the Windows Store and purchased the ones that took money. Only a few dollars each and I get to evaluate the full featured versions. Don't know what if anything was enabled upon purchasing mangaJolt since I did it right off, but I can say it is worth it. Lots of titles, history, favorites, notifications; most of the good stuff. In comparison, Manga Z has less features but is extremely fast... that was until a few of the feeds went down. They really need to thread those calls. Manga Bird is just trash. You have to turn off the advertisements manually after paying and then it becomes a crashing god that randomly reactivates the ads. I like Manga Blaze, it just lost in the feature race. The others didn't leave an impression. Manga Watcher (Android) is the gold standard, but on Windows this is clearly the best.


22 February 2015

This app has a lot of potential but it's not there. For one, when I try to select about 20 or more issues to mark them read, the app crashes. Also most issues can't even be read on here. All I get is the error. Another issue is downloading. When I go to download to read offline, I can never delete the issue. It takes way to much work to get it gone. This app needs serious work. I would save you money and try a different app.


1 September 2014

The whole thing is great but there are two little problems to this 1. Each time i try to download a large group at once it works at first but then somehow gets overwhelm and any other download after it glitches and stops downloading all together then i have to uninstall and reinstall it. 2. Can't even get on this in offline to read my downloaded manga it crashes.. please try and fix this


20 August 2014

has some hiccups though


27 July 2014

This app seems to default to using MangaPark for showing "Latest Manga" on it's main page. And while there are other sources listed below, since MangaPark is what's showcased on the main screen, that is the source for most of my mangas. And originally this worked great. Last couple months or so the app seemed to be having lots of issues, often couldn't open most mangas, Latest Manga list was slow to update. And I think the source of these problems is with the MangaPark source. If I go to the bottom source list and select a different source like MangaHere, those mangas open just fine. Unfortunately I can't change the default manga source from MangaPark to something else.


10 July 2014

Yep. It's great.


4 June 2014

So glad I paid for this app. Unlimited download of tons of MANGA in .cbr or .cbz formats. For people like me who keep their own collection, and keep it up to date, this app is an absolute must have.


13 April 2014

I use this app very heavily, but it seems to crash quite often. Even after 8.1 upgrade. I can't download issues at all. So it's more of an RSS reader at this point. I hope there are updates on the way.


15 January 2014

With all the updates that were done to this app makes it well worth the money and then some, in fact it makes it the best manga app on windows 8. Makes me happy that I stuck with it till now, keep up the good work.


11 January 2014

I had tried more than 6 others before this one and I still continue to try the other Manga apps but none of the 14 different apps or so that I have tried so far come close to matching this one's ease of use and reliability, not to mention the wide range of Manga sources making this Manga app my absolute favorite!

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