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  • Published by: Romain Blazeix ?
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    New in version 2.2.1: - Added "Last read volume" tile on the home page - Bugfix Version - Support of Comic Books archive formats .cbr and .cbz - Fixed volume sorting to behave as expected (ex: ch_1, ch_02, ch_11) - Long volume names that got trimmed are now trimmed at the beginning to ensure volume number is displayed Version - New option to change reading flow direction (left to right or right to left) - Library management improvements - Startup duration greatly reduced. The first launch where you select your library folder will take the same amount of time as in previous versions, but will create a library database that will be used for all subsequent launches, effectively reducing loading duration. Note: you will have to reselect your library location after the update Version Full Windows 8.1 support Read .zip and .rar archives Search for volumes Volume directly within the app New picture display options to fit any screen size Complete memory usage rewrite to reduce memory consumption Many other small improvements 1.3.1: Performance improvement: memory consumption reduced Fixed display bug/crash when resuming from suspended state Improved zip file support


This application helps you read your own Manga library on your computer or tablet offline. It lets you browse your Manga picture library in various presentation forms, from the list of all your Manga to the manga pictures, overview of a chapter content, etc. It also helps you keep track of your reading progress by allowing you to tag chapters that your have already read. This application is aimed for offline reading only, so your manga library must be stored locally on your computer (pictures or archives files). There is no support for online content providers.


  • Read and browse your manga library offline
  • Keep track of your reading progress
  • Navigate between chapters easily
  • Support multiple archive formats: .zip, .rar, .cbz, .cbr
  • Offline reading only

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20 August 2015

Maybe it's just me but I could not find the zoom in button I give it 4 out of 5 which is not bad keep up the good work I will keep using the app to show my support for your great work just please add zooming-in


26 May 2015

Pro: The Best offline reader, with jpg format support. Good "folder" organization. Cons: The files are sort without orden. no name arranged or date. When I update the folders adding new files, the reader isnt reading the news ones. No "two-pages" view. Isnt ugly UI but can be better. New icon for example.


19 December 2014

as of now this is the only offline manga viewer that has met my expectations, the rest are online viewers and was heavily plagued by ads, i also appreciate that there had been performance improvements, the only issue is it's lackluster feature list which is why i call it basic


19 August 2014

How do I enable that?


4 June 2014

Sorts files by some weird order, not alphabetically, not natural (filesystem), not create time; and there's no option to change sort order. Images got cropped off 6px or so even at "fit width" or "fit page" option. Automatically keep track of which page is last viewed would be a very welcome addition. What I really want is something similar to Android's "Perfect Viewer" app.


28 December 2013

ehh it's okay


5 December 2013

Isn't perfect, but suits my needs.


15 May 2013

Since i have lots of downloaded manga, this is a pretty useful app. But it would be even better with a scroll vertical mode to see all pages by once. =D


20 February 2013

It no longer recognizes the files in my designated folder. I'm not sure what the issue is, but I can not use it to view my manga anymore.


19 January 2013

Just select the folder where all of your manga are stored and it does the rest. Pros - Simple layout to quickly get to the manga you want. - Remembers what was read - Allows for zip archives - No adds Cons - Wish for an option to choose fit width, fit height, fit window, ... - Need to close program for it to see new manga

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