MarkPad is an editor for Markdown - a widely used syntax for formatting plain text to convert to blogs, comments, and in other places like on Stack Overflow. Upcoming features (next version): * Publish to web will let you open and publish straight to your favourite blogs - Github API - Metaweblog API (wordpress, funnelweb, etc) - AtomPub * Custom CSS for preview mode


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21 September 2015

Editing markdown causes preview pane to jump to the beginning - very unhandy.


25 July 2015

It needs to correct a couple of major issues: 1. Get rid of the left-side list of documents (maybe replacing it by an horizontal tab list or a hide/show button. 2. Adapt the width of the editor in snap mode. Currently it has just one width which is to narrow in most situations. Thanks anyway for making it free :-)


14 June 2015

Beautiful tool, looks like it was made by a bunch of professionals.


26 March 2015

Crashes on the simplest of markdown files. This needs to be fixed.


1 March 2015

Has promise on Windows 8; dragging to side of screen leaves a nice notes bar for easy commenting, preview option perfect. Needs to be more solid (see other comments), and a "save to" option, please.


31 October 2014

Polish national characters not working


5 October 2014

Besides lacking features to be a useful markdown editor, UI-wise there is an annoying tab list on the left side that takes a valuable screen space which is not possible to remove.


2 August 2014

This is exactly what I was looking for, however there could have been a few improvements. I really like the fact that I can test my links by just clicking them. Maybe have an option to hide the "tabs" pane to the left? How about synchronized scrolling?


24 June 2014

I like the layout... would love to be able to export to PDF.


1 January 2014

Until this supports github properly I cannot give it more than a 3.

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