Messenger Facebook

En Messenger Facebook podrás chatear con tus amigos, sin la necesidad de entrar a la web de Facebook.


  • Inicia sesion con tu cuenta de facebook o messenger.
  • Chatea con tus amigos de facebook o messenger.

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26 June 2015

Ads... Really? A company like Facebook doesn't need a giant banner ad at the bottom of their app.


24 June 2015

Had trouble downloading


23 June 2015

awesome app.....some bugs are here while scrolling chat up......all other things are fine


22 June 2015

Y can I not get notifications from this app on my lockscreen? Should be able to go into settings, click lockscreen then select this app from the display list. If it cannot be viewed on the lockscreen how will I know when I have a damn message? Please make this app take advantage of that feature.