*** Revolutionary and visually stunning, MeteoEarth is the spectacular weather app from MeteoGroup – also developers of WeatherPro. *** Adapted from a professional weather broadcast tool used by TV presenters around the world, MeteoEarth truly brings the weather to life using high-end gaming technology and extraordinary graphics. This interactive app never fails to amaze and impress as you home in on a rain front moving over Europe and then smoothly move about to show cloud cover, wind streams, rain or snow heading for the Rocky Mountains. You can really show off with MeteoEarth. Choose the MeteoEarth Premium option for extended five day forecasts and full access to the Tropical Storm Tracker. It also supports checking wind conditions at any altitude right up to the jetstream; and displaying several weather layers (for example, cloud cover, rain or pressure) in combination. One subscription covers Premium services on both MeteoEarth and WeatherPro. For status updates please follow MeteoEarth at or visit for further detail.


  • Navigate the 3D globe at the touch of a button
  • Zoom in and out and spin seamlessly from place to place
  • Pause to highlight particular weather conditions and move easily back and forward
  • Save an unlimited number of favourite locations and default views
  • Track cloud movement, thunderstorms, high and low pressure systems
  • Choose which layers to display (for example, cloud cover, rain or wind) – the Premium option supports the simultaneous display of several of these weather layers
  • Enjoy the more detailed temperature map with beautiful visuals of the geographic terrain
  • Look at the weather via images from tens of thousands of live webcams covering popular destinations around the world - through a link with
  • Download the data and continue to use MeteoEarth even when there is no signal
  • Switch to climate data mode for a global overview of climatic conditions or to check the weather in a holiday destination at any time of the year
  • View precise information for a specific location using the magnifying glass
  • Complement your MeteoEarth forecasts with more detailed observational data from WeatherPro using a direct connection between the two apps

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1 May 2015

I love this app but after a few months it stopped running on Win 8. Reinstalling did not work.


18 December 2014

As a astronomer this forecast model is a must, thank you!


22 August 2014


12 July 2014

I was looking for Google earth and this is not it. I can't even zoom to city level. How am I supposed to take my virtual vacation with no street view?


8 July 2014

Hurricanes and 3D require "premium" after initial purchase with no prior mention or price quote.


7 June 2014

Elegant interface and helpful info, but its missing one really big thing -- accurate, real time radar! Pleeeeeeeeeease add this feature for home users.


25 May 2014

It works really well and is fun, you feel confident about the forecast because you see it :)


15 May 2014

Pros: -nice overall look -easy to pan and zoom to different areas of the globe -has lots of links to webcams that you can click on directly on the weather globe map CONS: -radar imagery is kind of weak; not a lot of detail -it would be nice if you could zoom into the towns you are interested in and click on a particular town for weather information -very limited data provided; with the exception of temperature information, everything else is almost entirely graphical. In sum, it's kind of pretty to look at with a couple of decent features, but is ultimately frustrating because it doesn't really provide very much detail, and the weather radar imagery is simplistic and not very detailed either. It's too superficial and definitely not worth the price.


11 May 2014

Finally a weather program that has the complete world and easy to view how the weather conditions are changing in your area.


4 May 2014

Totally Sucks. Thought it would be great, but the app doesn't even see the internet connection to even start working. What a waste.

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