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    Update 6: - Added ability to comment on photos - Styling tweaks - Minor bug fixes Update 5: - Adjusted image stretching for News Feed page and Friend wall pages to show full image - Added working links for more stories in your news feed - Now showing 'with' tags for news feed - Opening a link from a news feed now opens in app (option to open in external browser as well) - Centered the map on event page - Minor bug fixes - 'What's New' page to show updated features Update 4: - Live Tile added - Share Charm integration added - Add link to status added Update 3: - Added better error handling and crash fixes - Misc bug fixes Update 2: - More misc bug fixes - Minor tweaks to news feed - Updated friend tiles - Semantic Zoom for home page, events, friends, and photos

Metro Social

Metro Social is an intuitive, easy, and stylish way to browse Facebook on your Windows 8 PC or tablet. Browse the home page to get a glance at your notifications, news feed, events, photos, and friends quickly. View your Facebook photos in depth with our photo view, which lets you see likes, comments, and more! Check out features like close friends photo albums and recently updated friends lists. We've optimized the Facebook experience, so that both touch and mouse users should be at home here. We hope you enjoy Metro Social as much as we enjoyed developing it for you. If you have any comments, suggestions, or bugs (we hope not, but we're only human), please let us know at our support site: http://metrosocial.uservoice.com. We'd love to hear your feedback! Metro Social is an unofficial Facebook client.


  • Intuitive, speedy Facebook browsing
  • Modern UI styled throughout
  • Stylish photo viewing, including full screen
  • View notifications
  • View close friends' and friends newest photo albums
  • Like and comment on news feed stories
  • Check out upcoming events, get directions on built in Maps or Google
  • Functional snap views
  • Optimized for mouse and touch
  • Live Tile updated with your latest news feed
  • Share charm integration for sharing your status, links, or photos on Facebook

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8 May 2014

I have been waiting so long it seems for a decent Facebook Win8 app. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see where this is going!


29 April 2014

I have always though this was a really Good and Well thought of App. But as You probably Noticed here. I have only given the App a Maxim of 3 Stars here. Because of a Few issues with it here. I really do Appreciate or like the Fact that it is Basically a Free app here now. I know that You had to Contribute or Donate to the Author of Developer here to get Full functionally out of the App here. So I can Remember. I still also think it has One of the Best all Around Photo viewers here to. Still would like to See auto update in the App here as Well to. Right now You have to Manually update Your news feed and what not here. Also I can understand Why it Defaults to the Mobile version of FB sometimes. Be can be Annoying sometimes. Also the Share Charm is not as Good as it used to be. Tech Support could be better to. Sticky Notifications are not Good either. Other then some of the Cons it is a really Good over all FB App here. Check-In would also be Nice. Some of the Cons keep it from 4 Stars.


26 November 2013

Installed it. Logged in. Tried to send a message, saw the (absolutely terrible) mobile view on my laptop. Uninstalled. Maybe next time.


20 August 2013

Add optional toast notifications and put the number of notifications you have and this will be the perfect facebook app!


11 August 2013

Best Facebook app I've found for Windows RT. Had issues getting my newsfeed to show up at first but everything works fine now.


5 August 2013

It is nice if chat available too


4 August 2013

Can't share posts from others not view my complete friends list, just recently updated; to do so one must resort to the web view. In that case, why even bother with this application an use the existing web browser instead. The web view should be abandoned in favor of a full featured Metro interface. This app has great potential, but it's not ready for prime time. I'm removing it and will revisit at a later date


4 May 2013

The others are repackaged versions of the web site. This one looks and operates like a Windows 8 application. And does so very well.


1 May 2013

mala integración con el scrolling del pad, al momento de realizar desplazamiento se pone lento


20 April 2013

Can't wait to see how this develops. -Update- Latest update introduced Facebook Sharing from other apps and it's the most complete sharing experience available. Live Tiles also landed, it just needs better quality images. This is the best Facebook app on Windows 8 already! Keep it the good work! Live

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