"Bring your Bank always with you by downloading the Millennium bcp’s app for Windows 8. Check your credit card and account balance, pay bills, make transfers or top up your mobile phone on the go. These are some of the day-to-day operations you can carry out anywhere, anytime! It's fast, safe and simple. Follow our Facebook page (Millennium Mobile) and keep up to date with all the news and updates from the Millennium App."


  • Account balances and transactions
  • Domestic transfer
  • Bill payments
  • Top-up
  • Tax payments
  • Top-up Jogos Santa Casa
  • Top-up prepaid cards
  • Credit card balances and transactions
  • Cash-Advance
  • Change credit card limit
  • Credit card one-time payment
  • Change credit card payment date
  • Savings balances and transactions
  • Aditional deposit in Savings
  • Savings settlement
  • Investments portfolio
  • Loans view
  • Total assets view