Minecraft Creeper Bounce

Welcome to Minecraft Creeper Bounce. Bounce your Minecraft Creeper up as high as it can go. That's the aim of the game.


  • Minecraft Creeper Bounce Game
  • Bouncey Bounce

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7 June 2015

This game is very cheap and just lazy. I don't know why I even installed this game, considering all of the 1 star reviews, but I felt the need to try it out, hoping I could find at least 1 good thing about it, but now I know that was a complete mistake. Here's why: When I opened the game, there was no menu--just an expanded creeper face (probably photocopied). The creeper just started jumping on the blue pads. On top of that, when the creeper is in the air, or on the blue pads, his/her legs never close. It's very astonishing to me how you could hop with your legs wide open, much less a creeper. As if that isn't enough, THE WHOLE GAME LOOKS PHOTOCOPIED. The blue pads look like they have been cut and pasted, and there was one instance when two blue pads were collided together. Also, the creeper doesn't even look level, as some parts of his black outlining look skimmed off. He also seems to have a leg in the front, which a creeper doesn't have. THE POINT IS, THE GAME IS PHOTOCOPIED!!!!!!


10 June 2014

I deleted it immediately. try it if you want but you will end up uninstalling it.


16 January 2014

If you like minecraft and you have time to waste and you want to numb your mind you will like it other wise do 't bother


6 January 2014

Not a good app it has no title screen, the graphics stink and it is real sensitive I don't recommend it.