Mini Arcade One

Play a variety of mini games! Remember the good old days where you could go to the arcade and play classic Nintendo games. Mini Arcade takes you back to the 80s to try out some fun and cool games. Enjoy!

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1 June 2016

This game is horrible and only has four terrible generic games. I am warning you, don't buy this game *cough* garbage *cough*. Yeah right, "variety of games".


9 February 2016

Theres only 4 stupid games


11 March 2014

it doesn't have any of the games it advertises not even sonic


20 February 2014

The games were fun but I got bored of playing the same old games over and over if you think about it. The creator said variety of games but I didn't know that only meant four mini ones.


16 October 2013

This is a fun app with several different arcade style mini-games. I like that it keeps track of my high scores, and the variety of games keeps me from getting bored!