Browse over 8000 different drink recipes ranging from cocktails to punches.

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7 January 2013

BING ads suck. If it was any good wouldn't it automatically be desired by surfers and not need to get in your face on apps? Hmmm...


1 January 2013

To start with, I will give credit to MixDat for having a sizeable recipe selection - that's the minimum I would expect out of such an app. Unfortunately, there's nothing else good to say about it; the interface is poor - I can't even scroll with the scroll wheel, it has an ad taking up a fair mount of space (Cocktail Flow does not), and doesn't offer any other features, such as a list of drinks based on the ingredients I have. Get Cocktail Flow instead, it's better in every way.


10 December 2012

Cocktail Flow doesn't have as many drinks, but the presentation is much more attractive. Plus, this doesn't have the "My Bar" option that will tell you what drinks you can make based on what ingredients you have.