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    Initial release of bookmarks/favorites manager, supporting folders.

Modern Bookmarks

Where have all the folders gone? Don't clutter your Start screen with tons of your favorite site links. Modern Bookmarks gives you a way to save and group your favorites. Keep your start screen mess-free, by saving your favorites with Modern Bookmarks.


  • Add new bookmarks by using the share charm from your browser.
  • Save your favorite websites into groups/folders
  • Snap your favorites to the side for easy access while browsing the web

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16 January 2013

The app is good but I think that a lot of useful things are missing (bookmarks edition, ability to group them in a nice way, previews etc.). I found other app on the Store that is IMHO better. It also offers bookmarks collection but somehow it has the missing features this app lacks.


22 December 2012

This MAY become a GREAT app ... but for now it is an alpha. It is stable but VERY primitive. You are limited to 4 groups of links and even those, once chosen can not be renamed. The links themselves CAN NOT be named but only take their native names from the web. With all that, this is such a goo diea, I am using it a lot.


4 December 2012

This is a very cool app, and works rather well. However, the fact that groups of bookmarks seem limited to display only 12 of the pages contained within them really kills it. I hope this is a bug that gets fixed soon. Also after purchasing the app it would be nice if the "buy" button went away on the new bookmark screen. Would definitely give this 5 stars if it had not been for these issues.


28 November 2012

It has made my Start Screen more tidy and can access bookmarks more easily. However, I would like to be able to: 1) Edit titles within app 2) Stop app asking permission to switch to IE every time I use a bookmark. A little more and app is great.


18 November 2012

I have been missing a way to group my web bookmarks on IE for RT. Modern Bookmarks is a great solution. I wish there was a way to edit the bookmarks from within the app.


4 November 2012

Good initial, want more. Review >> http://throughthepanes.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/modern-bookmarks/


2 November 2012

Nice idea but you can't edit the title of the bookmarks, also you can't add bookmarks from within the app.


31 October 2012

I like what this app is accomplishing in terms of keeping the Start screen from becoming cluttered with bookmarks. I only have two suggestions so far. 1. The bookmarks themselves could take on the style of the site's icon, or be customizable with user specified colors or pictures. 2. I'd LOVE to be able to import existing bookmarks from any of the major browsers.

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