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  • Published by: Marwan Aouida ?
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    الاصدار 2.2 - تم اصلاح مشكلة التنقل بين الصفحات - امكانية تكبير الصفحة بالضغط مرتين على الصفحة الاصدار 2 - تم اضافة البحث - تم اضافة التفسير - تذكر آخر صفحة قبل اغلاق التطبيق - تحسينات في الأداء


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم تطبيق المصحف يمكنك من قراءة القرآن الكريم المكتوب بخط النسخ.


  • مطابق للمصحف المطبوع من حيث عدد الصفحات و أماكن رؤوس الآيات
  • قراءة تفسير الآية في 6 تفاسير
  • البحث في المصحف

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13 March 2016

Baraka Allahu feeka wa ahlik. This Qur'an app is very convenient for reciting. The layout is perfect and the background of the pages, its as the same as reading from a traditional paper mus-haf. The script is easily read and jumping to the other surahs one only has to click on the title of the surah and the menu pops up that lets you jump to other chapters. This app is great because as a vivid Qur'an reciter I don't have to carry my slightly heavy Quran everywhere, all I need to carry is my lightweight notebook and click on this "Moshaf" app and there I find delight in reciting Allah's words. Jazaaka Allahu khairan for the wonderful work that went into making this amazing modern app and letting us access it freely.


28 July 2015

I love the look and simplicity of it.


18 June 2015

نتمنى إضافة أرقام الأجزاء والأحزاب. جزاك الله خير


6 February 2015

التطبيق ممتاز


19 January 2015

هداكم الله, تفسير سيد قطب لا يصلح لإنه ليس بعالم, بل هو أديب,كمن ذهب ليعالج الألم عند الخياط!


26 November 2014

This is one of the simplest, and yet most elegant, Quran apps that I have ever used. The interface is quite minimalist, and provides the most important functionality. The link to Quran commentary is very ingenious. Unfortunately, I could not try the search functionality, as do not have an Arabic keyboard. May Allah reward the developer of this app for his great work, in this life, and in the hereafter In Shaa Allah. Amin.


29 July 2014

Surprisingly excellent. Visually pleasing and quite fluid. I missed a few functionality features, such as searching for specific words, but nonetheless, top notch effort. Thank you very much. May God reward you for every letter we read through your lovely app.


14 February 2014

من افضل البرامج الموجودة في الساحة وفقك الله للمزيد في اتقان عملك اخوك عبدالله عمر امريكا تكساس


31 January 2014

التصميم و الترتيب جدا جدا مبدع و رائع , جزا الله خيرا من عمل عليه :)


8 January 2014

بۇ ئەپنى ئىشلىگۈچى قېرىنداشلىرىمىزغا ئاللاھنىڭ رەھمىتى ۋە سالامى بولسۇن ، بۇ قۇرئان كەرىمنىڭ خەت نۇسخىسى بەكمۇ چىرايلىق چىقىپتۇ ، كىينكى نەشىرلىرىدە ماس قەدەمدە ئاۋازلىق ئوقۇپ بېرىش ئىقتىدارىنى قوشۇشۇڭلارنى ئۆمىد قىلىمىز .

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