Movie Moments

Turn any video into a memorable moment you’ll love to share. With this app, you can trim your video to your favorite parts, highlight key moments with captions and effects, and set the mood with music.


  • Pick your favorite 60 seconds. You can trim from the beginning, middle, or end.
  • Highlight your favorite moments with fun, colorful captions in a range of styles.
  • Add music that matches the moment. We’ve included a few songs for different moods, or you can use songs from your collection.
  • When your movie is exactly how you want it, share it with family and friends right from the app.

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14 July 2016

I attempted to install this app on my windows 8 at work. I was told to login to a Microsoft account. I connected my personal Microsoft account (another string of events occur to do that where you are asked to allow backup to one drive) and downloaded and installed this app from the app market. I pick a video recording that I wanted to edit in the first place and the app denied saying that it cannot edit a video longer than 20 minutes...Well post that in the app description somewhere.


15 April 2016

Liers life liars liers 😭nvm u clik a bible with a cam and unad letters than edit on yt k


18 March 2016

it is the best thing ever try it and enjoy every moment of it enjoy<3#awsome


6 March 2016

This is the best app ever created. It lets you edit and freeze frame everything, it also includes different font and background stuff to customize your video. This is awesome!


20 December 2015

You can do barely anything and only do 60 SECOND VIDEOS! You could try it but don't make your expectations high


2 November 2015

This app is great for short videos. They even include some music too! I wish they would allow more videos to be added to one presentation. Also, longer than one minute.


6 October 2015

it wasn't what I expected what I opened it up, but I decided to give it a try anyway. the text doesn't even show up. complete bullshit.


18 September 2015

like it


8 September 2015

doesn't work


21 June 2015

I was looking for something for longer clips but this is great for short clips and then they can be strung together using some other program. I'd like to thank the makers of this super easy to use program! ^_^

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