Music Flat

Fast and fluid app for organizing and listening to music.


  • Manage your personal music collection
  • Browse your library in a beautiful way
  • Create and edit playlists
  • Stream your music to devices with Windows' Play To feature
  • Search album arts with

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19 April 2014

If this app could access the music on my SD Card I would definitely buy it, please add it


3 January 2014

Great app !! If you can add some visualization and background options it will be much more pleasing to the eye.


25 September 2013

I really wish the app was more refined, since I'm having issues with album titles, being cut off, etc, so I don't want to purchase it. On the other hand, without anyone buying this, there is no incentive for the dev to improve it. It has potential, since the interface is much smoother and faster than the default music app, but it's not quite up to my standards. I figure I'll go ahead and share my thoughts and try to balance out that negative review. Restart your computer!!!


14 August 2013

Beautiful, easy to use layout. Only real gripe is that the album artwork is cut off at the bottom and text takes up too much of the screen. Would really love to be able to switch over to just showing album covers, but, still, I highly recommend this app!


18 July 2013

Looks decent, simple to use, library updates automatically. Looks like a quality app with room for improvement.


10 July 2013

Couldn't even open