My Baby Agenda

MyBabyAgenda is a set of tools created for new parents. Get started inserting your baby data into My Baby section: - name - birth date, to see daily updated age - birth weight and length - choose your favorite baby photo or take a new one with camera Timers remember you when your baby has been fed, changed and its last sleep time. Configure settings if you want to be alerted when will be time to feed and change your baby or try to make him sleep again. Go to Setting/Preferences to set up timer's intervals. Use Milk Calculator to get suggested milk quantity, based on baby weight and daily meals number. Keep under control baby weight and length percentile with Growth Monitor.


  • Data picker, Growth Calculator, Milk Calculator, Baby Agenda
  • Feed Timer, Diaper Timer, Sleep Timer

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1 November 2012

Ad blocks all and app seems to be half finished