My Local IP Address

Displays all current Local TCP/IP network configuration values. WinRT version of IPConfig.


  • ipconfig
  • local ip address

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19 January 2014

This app gets my local IP correct and even gives two of them since I happen to be going through two routers at present. Oddly, however, it gives the wrong Internet IP, one that is assigned to the UK rather than the US where I am. Other IP apps get it correct. One thing that I would also like to see is the gateway IP but I'm not sure if an app can determine that.


24 November 2012

App did just what it said it would and gave me my Local Network IP. Nice simple app.


9 November 2012

Right now it seems like a waste to have the app only to see my current IP, if you can update it to view DNSs and subnet mask as well, ability to hide IPv6, also update UI to make it look a bit more modern.