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    New in this version: - Windows 10 Universal build! Runs on all Windows 10 devices, including Windows Phone 10. - Added barcode scanning via camera. This feature is still fairly new -- feel free to send me your feedback! - Enhanced Layout for Windows 10. - New Dark and Light Themes.

My Media Catalog

My Media Catalog is the ultimate solution for cataloging all your movies, music, books, games, or anything else you want to keep track of! Add items easily by typing (or scanning with a USB Barcode Scanner or your device camera) the barcode on the box or sleeve. Don't have a barcode? Enter a search term and your data is gathered from the web! Export your catalog in Excel-friendly CSV format and share it with your friends! Add your own notes and comments to your media, keep track of media on loan, and even record when your media was acquired. Create multiple media catalogs containing any mix of videos, music, books, games, or anything else you wish to keep at your fingertips. Already have some of your media cataloged on your PC? No problem! Import existing data in CSV format. The trial version is limited to 7 days and 25 data online queries (barcode and/or keyword lookups). The following countries are supported for UPC database lookups: US, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, and France.


  • Automatically searches multiple online UPC / Bar Code / EAN databases for information about your media.
  • Export entire library or a single catalog to CSV format file, viewable in Microsoft Excel.
  • Backup your library to the the cloud.
  • Supports barcode scanning with a camera or an external USB barcode scanner.
  • Cross-compatible with Android version - restore your Android backup files on your Windows device!

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23 February 2015

I really like this app. Easy to use with good detail. Would be near perfect if it had a WP8 companion app. Then my database would be portal.


8 January 2015

I previously made a slightly negative review on this app since I wasn't able to get the back up I made on my Windows tablet onto the app on my Android phone. Even though it was completely my fault, I got a quick e-mail reply, giving me options on how to get what I needed done. :) My three stars go to a five for customer support.


23 November 2014

Great little app - but, seriously? "Connect barcode scanner..."? Why can't it simply scan codes from the Surface/PC camera? Fix this and I'll buy it and give a better review! ;-)


20 January 2014

I need a book catalog. This app is supposed to be able to create catalogs so I Can organize by shelf or room, but on touch device after creating the catalog there is no way to add books to it.


15 January 2014

Exactly what I was looking for. Works fantastically with a barcode scanner. I was able to scan 400 movies in about 2 hours. I've got a bunch of books to scan too and I'm looking forward to it. What attracted me to this program vs. others was the ability to export my data. I am able to export to a CSV file and open that file on any device. It's not a fantastic solution, but I need to see what movies I have so I don't buy duplicates.


16 May 2013

I like the app. don't like that the Surface RT cannot scan the codes. way too many manually entered codes get error message - could be that the data base is too limited. would like it if when the scan for the code or amazon search comes up empty, that the app takes you to an option to enter the info manually and doesn't make you re-enter what you've already typed. Should be an option to let you use the Surface camera to shoot a pic of the media cover.


5 April 2013

Very easy to use and the support for the program is excellent! Thanks.


1 April 2013

Wow, for once I found what I was looking for, and easy to use too, I was even able to back it up into my sky. Into the cloud. I really like it. I was even able to find the videos that I had no covers for. When I am done with my videos, then I will be logging my music, books, etc. Great job, keep up the good work.


31 March 2013

Has some nice features like exporting, but the bar code number in the export didn't look right in the excel sheet. Again the camera did not work on WinRT.