My Server

My Server for Windows 8 is an application designed to help you keep seamlessly connected to your server resources through devices running Windows 8. With My Server, you can manage users, devices, alerts, and access shared files in Windows Server 2012 Essentials. In addition, files that you have recently accessed with My Server files continue to be available to you even when offline.


  • Browse, edit and search files stored on your server
  • Manage users, devices, and alerts
  • Share local resources to server or save server resources locally
  • Access files that you opened recently even without an Internet connection. The changes made offline will be automatically synchronized to the server when online
  • Playback of media files stored on server

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18 November 2015

this App is not working please respond and help .


9 February 2015



6 October 2014

this does not work at all


23 June 2014

I always have connection problems, Microsoft really needs to explain how all of there program should work and interact with other applications that they make, designing a program that your customers don't even understand how to implement things is not a good way to keep customers there going to want to use something that is easy to use and operate


16 June 2014

Keeps Disconnecting and the metro tiles keep messing up. when using over the internet AND on my local LAN ..


16 April 2014



24 February 2014

Starts and then disappears! W8..1 Pro 64bit


2 December 2013

Please update for windows 8.1


15 November 2013

I'm using Server 2012 R2 and can't get it to work, is this not supposed to be able to work with R2?


26 October 2013

I'm using this app to connect to server 2012 essentials in a domain environment. The app has worked flawlessly, I'm able to access share files, view alerts, monitor and initiate backups and manage users.

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