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“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and might are His. And He changes the times and the seasons; he removes kings and raises up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to those who have understanding" Daniel 2:20-21 My Songbook Collection is an application that allows the user to save song lyrics. This Application can be used to save songs with their guitar chords. Your song book collection can create a slide presentation for each song. The user can create a playlist to practice. HOME PAGE The home page contains seven important features. The user can save all the songs in the collection as a text file. The user can back up all the songs and all the playlists. The user can restore song and playlist from backup. The user can use a simple built-in metronome for practice. The user can browse through the list that catalogs all the songs. The user can create playlists to practice or for presentation. The user can also enter new song to the collection. A NEW SONG Use the ‘add’ button from the home page to add a new song to your collection. To add a new song, enter the title of the song. When entering a new song. Enter each song part (verse, chorus, intro…) so that you can use the full screen feature. IMPORTANT SUGGESTION: Leave two spaces between each note to facilitate note detection. PLAYLIST You can create a playlist to practice or for a presentation. To use the full screen feature, every songs in the playlist must have all their parts labeled (verse, chorus, intro…). To select a playlist, click on the playlist name, clicking a song will only select one song, not the whole playlist. You can add (edit, or delete) playlist. You can remove song from playlist. You can move the songs upward and downward. FULL SCREEN MODE To use the full screen, choose the ‘full screen’ icon from the song page or the playlist page. If a song does not have all the parts labeled correctly (verse, chorus, intro…) the full screen feature will not launched. All the songs in a playlist must have all their parts labeled correctly to access the full screen features. To add the songs parts, simply click the ‘edit’ icon from the song page. TIP: When using a song that has a chorus, add the chorus after each verse. SAVE SONG AS TEXT FILE In the home page, the ‘document’ icon allows the user to save all the songs in the database as a text document. (You can also save a single song as a text file by accessing the ‘document’ icon of the song page) BACKUP SONGS AND PLAYLISTS Use the ‘save’ button from the home page to save the songs and playlists from the collection. The user can back up all songs in the database. The playlist in the database has to be saved separately; the user simply has to save the backup as .playlistBackup (FILENAME.playlistBackup). RESTORE SONGS AND PLAYLISTS Use the ‘upload’ button from the home page to restore the songs and playlist from the collection. The user can restore songs and playlists by choosing the appropriate file. OTHER IMPORTANT FEATURES You can change the key signature of the song by using the ‘#’ or ‘b’ icon from the appbar. You can change the notation from ‘Do, Re, Mi.…’ to ‘C, D, E…’ You can remove notation from a song to view simply the lyrics. And you can also delete a song from you collection if you decide no longer to keep it. NOTE: if you want to change the key signature permanently you the ‘save’ icon from the song page. METRONOME To use can use the metronome button from the home page for practice session if they need a metronome. Set the tempo by using the slider or up and down arrow. Change the time signature by using the list (3/4, 4/4…) PREFERENCES Use preferences under settings to change notation from “C, D, E…” to “Do, Re, Mi…” You can also remove slide number in full screen mode in preferences. SEARCH YOUR COLLECTION You can also search any song that is in the database. For more information about the application features, go to the help page. To comment or suggest solutions, Please contact me via my e-mail Wendly Saintil Thank You!


  • Songs with lyrics and guitar chords
  • English and latin notation (C, D, E) and (Do, Re, Mi)
  • Fullscreen feature for presentation
  • Built in Metronome for practice
  • Chord Dictionary
  • Save songs and playlist
  • Restore (upload) songs and playlist
  • Search song collection
  • Increase/decrease song key signature (Transpose)
  • Remove notation from song (lyrics only)
  • Create playlist for practice and presentation
  • Save all songs as textfile

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8 August 2013

This is a great app. I think you should have a tool to give chord another color. and if it more beautiful. it will more great ^^


7 July 2013

Entering songs is cumbersome as there is no formatting options, can't even use the tab key to jump several spaces. No bold, italic or underline. I can't even print and the UI is not very intuitive. I'm regretting spending $6.99 on this! The apps font and color scheme is hard on the eyes after a while and the over use of a script font is dated and not user friendly. I hope to see some major improvements soon. Would have liked a trial version. Giant script title prevents viewing of whole song!!!


10 June 2013

Couldn't be happier with the app. Putting my music in it was simple and playing covers is made easy. Thanks again.


24 March 2013

Had everything I required to record my chords and songs


17 March 2013

I have notations of intro and outtro and those don't seem to transpose.


27 January 2013

I looked for something like this for a loooong time. Great application!