My Verizon Mobile

Take control of your wireless account. Use the My Verizon Mobile App to get account information on-the-go! Check Usage, Make Payments, Change Features and more! Requires a Verizon Wireless My Verizon account and Verizon Wireless device. To register for My Verizon, visit and select "Register".


  • Check data plan usage
  • Make payments
  • Change account features
  • and more!

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19 February 2015

The android version is WAY more accurate then this version. In my book, this winsome version is *currently* P.O.C. (piece of crap). Uninstalling for the time being. *please fix*


30 January 2015

I do not know why this is available through the regular Windows 8.1 store in addition to the Windows Phone store, but I am glad it is. It's a handy app, good for quickly looking up your account statistics and settings. I installed it and will keep it installed for convenience sake.


19 December 2014

Doesn't work on 8.1


17 December 2014

Worthless piece of code!


1 December 2014

What's the point?!! Read the reviews. I didn't, and then spent over 1.5 hours of my life with and without Verizon tech in forums, on chat, searching Google... just trying to login once. Absolute fail. And, the worst part is, that this inability to log in has existed since March 2014, and it's now one day away from December 2014. In other words, Verizon doesn't plan to fix this app! Shame on Windows Store for hosting it since it's absolutely useless. Do future users a favor, and report the app to Windows using the "Report App" as violating the terms and conditions. Then choose the "Other" category and say, "App is completely non-functional and/or serves no purpose." Maybe if enough of us do this, they'll remove it from the store so more people don't waste time and become frustrated trying to log in.


1 November 2014

This app will not download


16 August 2014

I usually don't use language like this but this is one of the most useless apps I have seen. Who would have thought that it was coming to you us from a technology company. If you want to see what the upgrade status is and there are several lines on your account - it is painfully tedious to discover the answers. There should be a single screen that would list each line and the upgrade date. I wanted to see which lines on my account were using data from our shared plan. Forget it. I couldn't even find it. I had to go online to the VZW website to find this out. On this app - you definitely get what you paid for. Actually, with what I pay to VZW, I think of this app as a huge insult and much less than I paid for. Giving one star because I am not permitted to give no stars.


6 August 2014

Can't login! LAME!!


14 July 2014

Won't accept user name and password.


7 July 2014

Used to work. Now it doesn't.

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