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    1/20/13 - Initial Release 1/21/13 - Cosmetic Changes 1/25/13 - Changed color scheme 1/27/13 - Added UserName & Password settings - Added Record and Replay functionality - Added Remote Camera interface through the internet 2/1/13 - Moved the Alarm setting to a separate Alarm Setting Charm - Added functionality to control the Motion Alarm - Added functionality to control the Motion Alarm Compensation - Added Port No. definition 2/1/13 - Rearrange the screen - Up/Down/Left/Right button functionality press/release upgrade 2/21/13 - Fixed a bug in showing the video 2/26/13 - Added Patrol commands - Fixed a bug with the Alarm Display 3/4/13 - Fixed a bug with the application manifest - Added a Controls Button to the Application Bar 3/7/13 - Fixed a bug with MessageBox 3/11/13 - Added Mode setting (50 Hz, 60Hz, Outdoor) 3/12/13 - Added Camera Log display 3/17/13 - Improved Camera Log display - Fixed a bug with async operation 4/08/13 - Added functionality for multiple camera setup - Reversed the Right/Left camera movement buttons 4/14/13 - Fixed possible null data condition 4/17/13 - Fixed flickering problem with multiple cameras 8/8/13 - Bug fixes - Added a button to stop the video - Added automatic alarm recording functionality


Welcome to the myCamera application! The myCamera will help you monitor and control MULTIPLE external FOSCAM MJPEG IP Cameras. The application is designed to interface to external FOSCAM MJPEG IP Cameras, that should be available on your local WiFi network or remotely on the internet (using MYFOSCAM.ORG). For each camera, the user can specify the IP Address, Port Number, Password & User Name and the Camera Model (through the Settings Charm). The myCamera will monitor Sound and Motion Alarms signals from the cameras. The application can Automatically record video when Sound and/or Motion are triggered (user selection). The myCamera will not play sound. The cameras can be operated on the local WiFi network or remotely over the Internet. Make sure to follow these steps: 0. Follow the steps outlined in the FOSCAM manual and set the Camera and the Router 1. Find / Set the Local IP Address and Port number of each camera in your WiFi network 2. Find / Set the User Name, Password for the cameras 3. If interested in remote viewing, Find / Set the DDNS Domain Name of the cameras (on the bottom of the camera body) 4. Identify the Camera Model. 5. Start the myCamera application and activate the Settings Charm (<WINKEY> + I) 6. In the Settings Charm, select the Camera Settings 7. Set the Camera IP address and Port number 8. Set the DDNS Domain Name 9. Set the User Name & Password 10. Select the Local / Remote camera operation 11. Set the Model of the Camera 12. Press the Save button 13. Repeat steps 6-12 for each camera. 14. Press the Refresh button of the myCamera application. 15. The setup is complete and the Camera Page should display the camera video 16. If the camera video is not displayed, try to Reboot the Camera 17. The camera should be ready in about 70 seconds 18. Wait for the camera to complete reboot and then start the myCamera application When switching the camera from one mode to another, I found out that a camera Refresh might be required. Sound/Motion Alarm: Alarm is marked with a RED border around the video image. A test camera was set for you to test your setting. In Camera Setting Page please follow these steps: 1. Set Remote DDNS Domain to: ah7898 2. Select the Remote camera operation 3. Set User Name to: TEST (Case Sensitive) 4. Leave the Password empty 5. As an Operator user, you will not be able to fully operate all the commands on the TEST camera If you have a problem connecting with the camera, please contact us: ytdassoc@gmail.com All data you enter using this application is kept locally only, on your device!


  • Display video captured by FOSCAM MJPEG IP Cameras
  • Record and Replay camera video
  • Control camera Sound and Motions Alarms and set Sensitivity and Compensation (Sound only)
  • Control camera IR LED
  • Control display modes: Rotate, Mirror
  • Control camera Brightness
  • Control camera Contrast
  • Control camera position: Up/Down & Left/Right (when camera model supports movement)
  • Control camera Motor Speed (when camera model supports movement)
  • Control camera Resolution
  • Start the camera patrol capability
  • Display Camera Log
  • Control the camera mode: 50Hz, 60Hz, Outdoor
  • Setup and control of multiple cameras on your network
  • Auto recording on Sound and Motions Alarms

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7 September 2015

great camare I ever used


7 January 2015

Didn't work with any of my IP cams. Can somebody write an app like Android has. This app store sucks.


13 December 2014

This app rocks, total control of my cameras remotely


28 September 2014

This application is really a big disappointment.....it lets me enter my camera info and then just exits...doesn't work....and what really makes me mad is, I paid for this and it doesn't work at all....give me my money back...!!!!!!


13 June 2014

it worked fine at first for a while and now I can't get the camera to open. IT RETURNS TO THE WINDOWS MODE


21 May 2014

Not good


11 April 2014

Allow me to watch home from work, very useful


6 February 2014

Was hoping app was compatible with mobile phone camera?


19 January 2014



10 January 2014

Don't do it

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