Πρόκειται για τη μοναδική εφαρμογή συμβατή με ελεύθερα ή κλειδωμένα μέσω Adobe DRM, PDF και ePub βιβλία. Μπορείτε να κατεβάσετε τα βιβλία σας κατευθείαν μέσα από την εφαρμογή ή να αναζητήσετε βιβλία που σας ενδιαφέρουν μέσα από το online βιβλιοπωλείο που παρέχει.


  • Ανοίγει και διαβάζει Adobe DRM protected PDF και EPUB βιβλία

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21 July 2016

it could use a translater to translate the words in any idiom


28 February 2016

this sucks I cant even type in a book eithout it coming epty


26 February 2016

its horrible what language is this unless you can read foiren stuff do no get it I am warning you please don't get it


4 September 2015

I cannot change the settings so the books are shown in English, it looks like it is Russian. Can you help me?


20 May 2015

Don't bother to install this one


10 March 2015

I cannot change the language - the whole thing is in Greek. It is of no value to me because I cannot find out how to change the language.


18 February 2015

I have this app in Greek and I speak and read English. Can I correct it?


3 February 2015

If I can change it back to English then I will give a 5 star


31 January 2015

I have not been using this app. I just thought I would check it out today but all titles I am assuming are in Greek. I speak English. How can I change this so that I can browse this app?


13 December 2014

It is good

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