Navy Gunship Battlefield

Navy Gunship Battlefield is an action 3D first person shooter battle mission. Your are attacked by the enemy fleet. Enemy ship carriers have been detected by you defence force. You have to defend yourself and jump into the battle from the chopper provided by Air Force, shooting and killing the enemies on the ships from air. In Navy Gunship Battlefield you are equipped with AK-47 rifle gun, shot them perfectly, and bring them to death. Some of your soldiers have already been shot to death. Take the revenge from your rivals and do not let them escape. The difficulty level in Navy Gunship Battlefield increases in higher levels. The number of enemies on the ships are increased and the time is reduced. The battle remains the same that you must survive. You must take accurate shots to win the battle. Your player have got the killer instinct. Start taking the perfect shots with your AK47 rifle gun. Navy Gunship Battlefield offers you five interesting shoot levels with amazing gameplay, action background music and thrilling sound effects. Go ahead, start playing Navy Gunship Battlefield as elite personnel from your chopper with AK47 rifle gun and eliminate all the enemies without being shot and killed, and letting your health bar go down. We hope you enjoy the action and mission!!! Special Features in Navy Gunship Battlefield: Playing sitting in a chopper with AK47 rifle gun Manual adjust sensitivity settings View enemies in Radar and kill them Use the Scope to zoom the view Enjoy Action Music How to Play: Drag mouse to aim Tap or click on fire button to fire Touch and drag on screen to move/rotate your weapon