Navy Gunship Helicopter Shooting 3D

Navy Gunship Helicopter Shooting 3D brings you an exhilarating action-packed, 3D FPS (First Person Shooter) game in which you are a navy commando, airborne in a gunship helicopter; you have been assigned a mission on the battlefront to defend the harbor. You are required to fire down the enemies on the battleship fleet and drown them before they take over the harbor. You have been assigned to the delta team, the highest ranked in military combat. As a delta team member, you have two machine guns in your arsenal, the legendary rifle AK-47 and the modern hiTech M4 loaded with a laser scope to aim. You are afloat in a chopper, as a navy commando your newest mission is to bring misery on the battleship by shooting down the terrorists who are posing as marines. Aim from the chopper and blow up their battleship to bring glory to your military squad! Your navy commando training has given you aerial combat skills from atop a chopper, you have been advised to be a sharp shooter, to fire from a helicopter while it overs, you are a legendary warrior trained for modern combat on the harbors. This is war and this is your battle alone, annihilate the terrorists on the battlefront from the helicopter, drown them and bring glory to your military squad. Navy Gunship Helicopter Shooting 3D offers the player in FPS mode, with the most renowned shooting guns in the world in the player's arsenal, the classic rifle, AK-47 and the modern hiTech M4, used by the military worldwide. When you have these weapons you don't need to use any sort of sniper rifle because this is enough to achieve your goals. Your country has been involved in this war for more than a decade but this battle will decide the outcome of the war and the navy has been tasked with this duty to attack from the battlefront, win the battle and you'll be celebrated forever in your country as the navy commando who won them their freedom and drown the warship in the ocean with your legendary rifle AK-47 and the modern hiTech M4. There are four warships that you must destroy, one in each level. So gear up, because this your time to shine! Download and Play Navy Gunship Helicopter Shooting 3D