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  • Supported processors: x64, x86
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    • NeroKwik is now available in Japanese. Hello Japan!! • We added the ability to support multiple users accounts. So now users can log out and log back in with completely different NeroKwik accounts. • Minor bug fixes


NeroKwik is a cross-platform app that gathers all your photos from different sources into one single gallery. Connect your Windows 8, Android, iPhone, iPad or NOOK device, as well as your Facebook, Google+/Picasa and SugarSync cloud storage accounts to NeroKwik and you will be able to view and access those photos anytime and anywhere. Now you can also create stunning custom photo albums and share them instantly from any device. With NeroKwik's easy-to-use timeline navigation, find those important photos through your large gallery faster. Tell the story of your life with NeroKwik innovative album concept called Tapestry that lets you arrange and resize photos according to your liking. Share a single photo or a Tapestry privately via email or publicly through Facebook or Google+. By displaying shared photos that received more Likes and comments on Facebook and Google+ larger, NeroKwik redefines your photo sharing experience! Now you can instantly take a glimpse of your most popular photos. Setup: 1. During account registration, connect your social media accounts and cloud storage services that you normally use to start enjoying your consolidated photo gallery. 2. Don't forget to install NeroKwik on your other devices and login with the same account you created at first registration. This is the only thing you need to do to access your photos stored on each of the devices. Reviews: • TechCrunch - "A smart effort well worth your time to check out." • Webuser Magazine - Recognized as one of the "Best 50 Apps for your tablet & phone" • AndroidApps – “5 out of 5 stars.” • CNET – “Access photos all in one spot and eliminate the need to juggle multiple services and devices to view album.” Follow and join NeroKwik community at: • Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nerokwik • Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/nerokwik


  • Instantly access and combine all your photos. Those stored on different devices, posted on Facebook and Google+ or stored on SugarSync cloud storage
  • Create stunning custom photo albums called Tapestries with just a few taps
  • Share Tapestries privately with friends and family via email or publicly by posting on Facebook
  • Update shared Tapestries automatically when you add or remove photos
  • Quickly find the photos you want at a glance using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Identify photos according to what’s important to you and highlight more prominent photos based on social feedback.

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24 April 2014

Installed freely and quickly... from then on... nightmare Only pictures it found were in the user picture file... not any of the over 300 other pictures I have on the computer... and no instructions ANYWHERE on how to have the app find more. Nero Mediahome works great and found all pictures... why not NeroKwik? No instructions on how to do anything is my main complaint. Description of the app sounds great... I just can find no way to access any of the benefits. Come on Nero... improve this App!!!


26 October 2013

An intuitive, all inclusive app to replace what windows 8.1 got rid of. This great effort pulls all your various shots from different locations and allows you to organize in albums (tapestries). It's a well designed, simple app that makes sharing your images quickly and easily. Bravo guys, thanks and expect a contribution!


30 August 2013

It found pictures I forgot I had.


28 August 2013

Nice App!


27 August 2013

Nicely Done!


26 August 2013

Well done!


22 August 2013

Easy and beautiful way to bring my photos together. So far so good!


21 June 2013

not interested


28 May 2013

Dear Stefano, You can hide the action bar to bring up the scroll bar at any time by right-clicking into any free area on the screen (without losing your selection). Scrolling by mouse wheel or by Windows 8 two-finger scrolling on a touchpad does work as well. The behavior you describe is default by Windows 8 and can be found in the Photo App as well (for example). Would love to hear back if this solves the problem you had. Thanks for your feedback, Patrick


25 May 2013

Impossible to create Tapestry on a PC. As soon as you right click on an image the scroll bar disappears behind the action bar and you can't scroll to your other photos. Please fix ASAP. Thanks.