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Your app for everything New York Giants news and media! Stay up to date with daily news, reports and videos -- all for your Giants. Sections include News, Videos, Opinion,, and even an NFL feed for league wide updates. If you're a Giants fan, this is a must have app!


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10 March 2015

the web page is not up to date. It seems to be stuck on march 5th. It continues to show an ad on the bottom of the page and I cannot go into the stories on the giants even though I use my cursor to go into the we page. Why is this?


19 July 2013

I wish the giants would stay in Albany ny for their summer camp


15 January 2013

the app keeps telling me that u can not purchase this app when the app is free it will not let me down load it your purchase can't be completed


13 January 2013

This app is awesome. Go Big Blue!!


5 January 2013

loving this app! Has all the news and stories I need I got past the logo just fine. I think you need internet connection though, so maybe add that so the other reviewers can know that's why they're not getting past he logo


30 December 2012

Can't get past the logo


25 December 2012

Can't get past the NY logo


21 December 2012

Love the app. Has everything I need to follow the team