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    If you have any questions, comments, feature requests, or experience a crash or bug, please contact us at: http://nextmatters.com/ What's new in v7.0.23.0 • Fixed: Facebook login error (under settings -> accounts). What's new in v7.0.20.0 • Upgraded to Universal Windows Platform (UWP). • Improved scaling and rendering of text. • Improved Grid View UI (tap the three dots and select grid view). • New: Feed management - add, edit, move or delete feeds. • New: Search feeds by title, URL or #topic. • New: List style with story thumbnails. • New: Support full-screen mode (press F11 key or tap the app logo in left corner). • Transparent live tiles with unread count up to 9999. • Updated context menu's with icons. • Enable/disable swiping in reading pane. • Multiple selection is here. ○ Use Shift or Ctrl to select multiple items. ○ Or tap the left edge to select an item. • General bug fixes and improvements.

Nextgen Reader

A fast, clean and powerful RSS news reader for Windows 10. Login/purchase once and run on multiple devices (Mobile, PC or Tablet). Requires feedly account for login. We're continuously working on new updates and improvements. Please share your feedback through app or visit us at: http://nextmatters.com/


  • Completely safe and secure authentication.
  • Choose dark or light theme with multiple color accents.
  • A standard 3-pane layout and a beautiful grid view for 2-in-1's.
  • Pin multiple live tiles to start screen.
  • Full keyboard support in 3-pane view (press "?" key).
  • Set default open method per feed: summary, full article or webpage.

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15 August 2015

You can try it if it suits your needs. It is definitely feature rich.


25 July 2015

Since I'm used to FeedDemon's tri-column RSS reader, Nextgen was a natural fit for me. The UI is very intuitively and sensibly designed; all the necessary controls are out in the open without cluttering the reading experience, and consequently the amount of scrolling, tapping, and holding are minimized. The only problem is a bug that causes the app to crash and reset whenever you mark a Folder/Feed as read, if it happens to have between 10 and 40 items. If that bug can be fixed, this would be quite an excellent app.


25 June 2015

Display of Chinese characters is horrible.


24 June 2015

Because of it, I finally ditched my iPad


17 June 2015

add support for live tile.


30 May 2015

Needs a live tile


29 May 2015

The only things I would like changed is for the pocket, Facebook and other functions to be centrally located. My favorite RSS reader on any platform replacing Reeder that I use on my iPad.


21 May 2015

Has minor issues line focusing to scroll using spacebar does not work and issues while resuming, but is better of all the others available in the store.


14 May 2015

This app is awesome. Phenomenal on phone, great on PC. Nice work!


11 May 2015

Stop asking me to allow background tasks every 3rd time I open the app. For Christ's sake I've said "no" 12 times. I don't want it on.

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