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    Version Added Team Carter and Team Irvin support for Pro Bowl. Please take a moment to rate our app!

NFL Game Rewind

**This app requires a paid subscription to NFL Game Rewind. Does not include access to live NFL games. To learn more, visit NFL.com/GameRewind** Watch full replays of NFL games (not live) on your Windows 8 device. See football games from every team for the 2014 Regular Season and Playoff games streaming on demand with an NFL Game Rewind Subscription. Follow your favorite team or watch Condensed Games and get scores, schedules, NFL player stats, and full play-by-play analysis for on-demand games. All on your Windows 8 device. **Reminder: This app requires a paid subscription to NFL Game Rewind. Does not include access to live NFL games. To learn more, visit NFL.com/GameRewind**


  • Full Replays of Football Games – Stream 2014 NFL games on demand on your Windows 8 device.
  • Condensed Football Games – Watch entire NFL games from snap to whistle in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Coaches Film - See exclusive "All-22" and "End Zone" camera angles
  • Scores – View scores from around the league. (*Includes the option to turn off scores).
  • Stats – Full box score of stats for archived games.

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11 January 2015

This is the perfect counterpart to the subscription - watching using IE was okay but the app is so much better. Would be even better if they made available more than just the 2012 and 2013 seasons and little things available in the browser player like the big play indicators in the progress bar.


28 December 2014

This crap is dung on free!


12 December 2014

I get no video to play. I see the games menu, select a game and nothing!


23 November 2014

wont let me download why is that>?


12 November 2014

I have no problem using the web site directly, but game videos never play within the app. Totally useless


13 October 2014

I thought this was a free app since a price was not displayed in the app Store. The site request the view to subscribe to their service.


11 October 2014

Fantastic app. Works on my Windows phone too. Wish it were on my Xbox 360. Would look great on my 50 inch! So how about a game rewind app on Xbox 360?


26 September 2014

My computer has four monitors. After a recent upgrade, Game Rewind refuses to start up at all. I get a grey screen - and that's it. My other single monitor computers all seem to have no problems - it's only my multi-monitor computer.


23 September 2014

Why can't we do this? If I stop watching a game and then come back to it another time, it starts over again instead of picking up where I left off. Very frustrating trying to resume watching at the right point in the playback.


16 September 2014

So I bought the app thinking that I will be able to watch the games when I get home from work. Due to "Broadcast restrictions" the app will not work during SNF, MNF, TNF. WTF? Also, no film room option just replaying full and condensed games. I guess if I didn't have a job, this app would be good for watching some of the Sunday games on Monday morning.... Too bad...

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