NWS-NOAA Weather Prediction Mini Center

NWS-NOAA Weather Prediction Mini Center pulls National Forecast Charts, Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts and Excessive Rainfall Forecasts From NOAA's National Weather Service. These charts are updated regularly by the National Weather Service and NOAA. Information on each update schedule can be found in the About section for each chart


  • Forecast Charts from the US National Weather Service
  • Weather Forecasts, Precipitation Forecasts, Excessive Rainfall Forecasts

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4 October 2015

I was hoping for the Doppler radar mosaic. Not worth downloading and I will dump it.


17 May 2015

I listen to NOAA weather radio often when I travel, and this app makes for a good companion to it... it's a little limiting, sure, and I would NOT recommend it for someone looking for more detailed info... great overall tool for, say, truck drivers, or anyone else needing a quick look into weather for the next couple of days...


3 January 2015

All it has is a closer picture of the 3 us maps shown on the home screen. No additional info?! no way to look at a smaller region, just 3 maps. Very disappointing.


16 September 2014

I work for NOAA, so ???


14 August 2014

Never download this app. This app stinks. Trust me never ever download this app.