One Year Catholic Bible

The complete Catholic Bible broken into 365 daily modules to help you read it over the course of a year or to provide a quick daily reading. It keeps track of which daily modules you have read, showing the most recent ones on the opening screen. The readings for each day are done in order (e.g. one day's reading picks up where the previous day left off). Each daily module has three readings; two from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament to provide some variety each day. All books are included including the deuterocanonical books. Pin the app to your Start screen and its tile will cycle through some of the favorite Bible quotes. While it works with Medium Size tiles, many verses will be too long. Wide tiles work best for showing random verses on the live tile. If you have multiple Windows 8.1 devices or Windows 8.1 phones, the last reading is synced across all of your devices to help you track across all of your devices. The dates of individual readings are not synced (they are only on the device where it was read). Find a daily reading that you want to save or share? You can copy the daily readings to the Windows clipboard and paste them into another application.


  • Track daily readings
  • Variety of readings each day from different books of the Bible

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23 October 2014

I love this app! Easy to read, I enjoy being able to pick up where I leave off and also be able to read more than more than one day if I so choose. The flow is easy to understand.