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We created onplist, which is short for on property list, based on a new idea. Onplist is more than just a listing site. Onplist takes a unique path when creating and viewing a real estate property. The original idea behind onplist was to help you discover different incentives which may be available to either you or your property. The incentive(s) should attract more traffic to onplist than an ordinary real estate site. One of the features on Onplist is the ability of our users to highlight, identify or search for an incentive. Onplist has grown to provide our users with new and exciting products and services which will serve as an incentive tool for marketing property. We also have partnered with HMVP and reinID to provide additional incentives. Onplist allows you to showcase your home or other real property. Each property is unique and different. Someone once said that, “real estate is space for people.” Each space is unique to the people who live or work there. Either intentionally, or unintentionally most real estate space is an expression of its owner. For many of us, we would like to show off our home, which is especially true when we decorate our homes for the holidays. We have created a community that allows you to freely showcase either your home or other real property. We look forward to seeing the different personalities of real estate. Onplist also offers our users the opportunity to list their homes or other properties for sale, rent or lease, starting at $1.00. When you list with us, you can also freely search for either real estate agents or brokers. The listing should introduce more interested views to either your home or other property. Listing onplist is both affordable and convenient and should get your listing noticed. We invite real estate agents and brokers to create a free professional profile. We recognize the value that a real estate professional adds to a real estate transaction. We also realize that it is important to connect owners and real estate professionals with each other. We create the connection by allowing the owners, who are interested in the assistance of a real estate professional, to search the real estate agent and broker directory. As a dedicated real estate professional, make sure that you do not miss an opportunity to get your next listing by simply being included in our professional directory. We work diligently, on a daily basis, to provide better products and services to you. We invite you to come back and visit us regularly to make sure you are able to take advantage of the latest and hottest tips as we continue to expand and introduce new applications. Whether showcasing, listing, and/or searching for a real estate professional, onplist is the site for you. When you think of property, think of onplist.


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21 July 2015

New and exciting way to search for property and professionals.


10 January 2013

it wouldn't bring up ANYTHING that I was searching for... it shouldn't be that hard to find a location. would not recommend this app.


2 January 2013

Cool Concept for selling or buying property. Great way to save on brokerage fees. Unlike Zillow, this app allows you to bid out your listing to different brokers, sort of like the Lending Tree. When Brokers compete, you win!!! However, needs more listings and brokers - I guess that will come over time.