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  • Published by: Low Gravity Innovation, Inc. ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    [NEW] – Added new Passport, Driver's License, and Airplane Ticket tiles [UPDATED] - Added hundreds of new Tiles and object types, including user requested Tiles. [FEATURED] – Custom OnString Pocket groups with hashtags [FEATURED] - User selectable Extended Tile sets, and United Nations OCHA Tiles.


Introducing the OnString Pocket ® Combining the simple benefits of writing information on paper, with the ability to understand and protect user privacy. If you have ever spent hours looking for some valuable information on a piece of paper, or wondered where to save some small piece of private information on your device (such as an alarm code or personal picture), then you understand the problem with managing the huge amount of information in our lives. Inside the OnString Pocket the information holders are called Pocket Tiles. The easy way to store any information about some specific thing, like a pet dog, a person, a car, or even a house, is to create a Pocket Tile for it. Learn more at the www.OnString.com web site, and read about Smarter Information Holders at https://Blog.www.OnString.com/Smarter-Information


  • Pocket Tiles store all types of valuable information.
  • To find information faster, make a Pocket Tile for something, and add related information.
  • 1-click fast sort into Public, Personal and Private information.
  • Easy to use, with automatic multilayer, military-grade encryption.
  • Works when no internet available. Stored information is available without internet access.
  • Trust No One (TNO) user controlled privacy.
  • Using OnString Pocket is Better than Remembering ™

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24 November 2013

This is Awesome but it keeps crashing and I have windows 8.1


21 August 2013

This tool is quite interesting, you can create entities of any type and relate them. It is one compact digital dairy to have all your info at one place. Hopefully, they make a phone app, which will be mobile friendly.


19 August 2013

At my age, past mid 70's, short term or even long term memory losses become an ever increasing problem. I find that OnString gives me more piece of mind knowing where to immediately find the information I need. As the years go by the reality that my family can quickly even immediately find burial and financial information, is increasingly more comforting. Onstring is five stars+.


27 April 2013

This is a great tool for organizing all the random junk in my life. Tools like OneNote aren't bad, but this seems better for capturing various little things I want to remember.