→Featured on Gizmodo, ZDNet and the San Francisco Chronicle! New to Windows 8, the popular iOS note taking app, PaperDesk. Take notes any way you like - typed, written, and drawn. In PaperDesk, you can keep a "desk" full of your notebooks and organize your notebooks into folders. Share your notes with clients and colleagues as PDFs via the Share Charm. Don't bother dragging pads of paper, pencils, and pens to your next meeting - PaperDesk is a simple and effective notepad replacement designed to take advantage of all the possibilities of Windows 8 RT. PaperDesk mimics all the benefits of your old pad of paper, plus features which enable quick and responsive digital note taking. With unlimited notebooks and unlimited pages, will you forget paper completely?


  • Typing with uniform font
  • Drawing with smooth, gel ink in hundreds of colors
  • Exporting notes as PDFs via Share Charm
  • Saving notes automatically to Documents folder
  • Organizing notebooks into folders
  • Arranging notebooks by name, color, or date

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9 May 2014

Why does this not have the same options as their iPad app. Sony figured out how to do something with importing files, photos, audio files etc. All this does is draw and type. A wastrel my money.


14 January 2014

Then I wouldn't have had to rate the full version. If you expect to take notes with this program using a stylus, be warned that it has no wrist guard - or if it does, there are no instructions on how to use it. Both the FAQs and the Manual links in Support were links to non-existing web pages. The organizational concept looked nice. But if you can't create the content you need, organization is meaningless.


20 June 2013

I bought this app and immediately it was glitches glitches glitches. The app kept telling me my notebooks were corrupt, duplicated and wouldn't let me delete, and frequently froze and closed itself. When I tried to go to the support site/email, all I got was a blank page. DO NOT GET THIS.


19 April 2013

I need my money back. It won't do any of the things advertised on my Samsung ATIV 700


22 March 2013

Has problems corrupting notebooks keep showing up


27 February 2013

the worse app I have ever had !!!


24 February 2013

on my surface this appears to be slow and lacking features talked about in the help.


1 February 2013

This app is completely non-functional on the Surface RT.


11 January 2013

I bought this because the iOS app is very nice. Not sure what some of the reviews are saying. You can pick the colors, and adjust the pen size. When I bought the iOS a few years ago it was pretty basic, but it has developed into a dynamic app. I'd say this is in a ruff state right now but I'm keeping the faith that it will get there soon. Thanks keep up the good work!


8 January 2013

You cannot properly pick out the color as it does not display what color you are selecting. Only has pen thickness, not different styles of pens. Does not remember settings. Low on features. Hope this will get better with new releases. Shelving for now.

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